Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Ties Added!

Boytique has added some new ties to their inventory! Here are just a few that are pre-made and available for purchase! Each are available in different sizes, depending on the tie. Each of these ties are going to be displayed and for sale at our boutique this Saturday the 22nd. See the previous post for details. Please contact Boytique if you're intereseted in any of these ties or a custom order. Check back often as we will be posting more ties soon! And coming soon...Boytique Belts!
Gold Stripes - available in Men & Boys
(Sorry for the blurry pic!)

Green Stripes - available in Men & Boys

Maroon Flowers - Available in Men & Boys

Lightening McQueen - Available in Boys & Baby

Thomas the Train - Available in Baby

Blue with Flowers - Available in Men & Boys

Colorful Checkers - Available in Men & Boys

Flames - Available in Men & Boys


The Prince Family said...

Cute! Love the CARS tie, Kel should get one for Breckster. After my little boy arrives, I will be ordering many ties from you sis.

Good luck with the biz and keep up the great work!

*you forgot to add the SpongeBob ties on there that you worked super hard on the other day!

{Mullins} said...

so cute! i'm gettin that one cars one for breck! i need to order 3 for my 3 guys. maybe with reds in it. we need an updated family pic!